A field-wide refurbishment programme

Many facilities are over 50-years old, but a modernization, repair and refurbishment programme is improving efficiency, as we bring this field up to world-class standard.

Field facilities

Our cluster pump stations, associated pipeline network and the water treatment plant at the village of Qarmat Ali are all being upgraded, to support water injection projects that address dwindling pressure levels in our now mature reservoirs.

Fourteen degassing stations are being upgraded as part of a multi-year programme to restore process integrity, operability and reliability. New vessels are being introduced to improve hydrocarbon separation to enhance oil quality and new storage tanks have been built to help store oil when exports pauses are requested by the Ministry, enabling the operation to continue to function for longer.

Perhaps most importantly has been the introduction of new vessels and equipment to tackle the increasing challenge of more produced water entering degassing stations. Rumaila now treats 1.8 million barrels per day of produced fluids (oil and water) – of which around 420,000 barrels of water must be separated and disposed of. The introduction of new dehydrators and desalters, free water knock-out and produced water disposal units are key to the operation’s response to this unprecedented challenge in the field’s history.

Our field renovations are enabling facilities from the 1970s to continue to treat production fluids – oil, gas and water – at levels never previously seen in the field’s history.

Dehydrator and Desalter (D&D)

Two vessels arrive at the Qurainat Degassing Station


Dehydrator and Desalter (D&D)

Vessels installation following extensive preparatory work at the facility


Water Treatment Plant

Qarmat Ali

Supporting infrastructure

A square kilometre of land has been transformed into a secure headquarters at South Rumaila, with modern office space for 1,000 staff; while in the north, the purpose-built Rumaila Supply Base is the size of 24 football pitches. Located nearby is the Rumaila Academy, which offers e-learning rooms, multipurpose classrooms and a specially designated driving safety suite.

A new power station

In addition, construction work has begun on a new electricity power plant at the Rumaila oilfield, which is scheduled to become operational in late 2017. Fuelled by gas captured from the field’s own hydrocarbon reserves, the plant will feed power into the electrical grid. Read more here.

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