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This page is dedicated to news stories from Rumaila. They provide insight into how the field is progressing; how we look after our people, and how Rumaila is making important contributions to its surrounding communities.


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Thirteen employees with metal detectors in the oilfield clearing UXO caused by war and conflict

180km² of land cleared of UXO

After eight years of removing unexploded ordnance (UXO) from the Rumaila concession area, ROO has reached the landmark of clearing 180 square kilometres of land.
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Water injection helps to double production in North Rumaila

Oil Production in North Rumaila has more than doubled since ROO was established in 2010. Key to this success has been our on-going water injection programme. Find out more in the below video.
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Men in blue coveralls and PPE guide new electrostatic desalter vessel through a narrow sandy road in Iraq

Largest ever vessels arrive at Rumaila

Six new production vessels – three dehydrators and three desalters (D&Ds) – have arrived at two Rumaila degassing stations, following an operation described as one of the largest shipments ever to be moved on Iraqi roads.
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Yellow rig pictured behind rows of pipes

Rumaila oilfield achieves 3 billion barrel production landmark

Rumaila has produced three billion barrels of oil since the Rumaila Operating Organisation joint venture began operating in January 2010. 
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Computer graphic of horizontal drilling by new high angle wells

Horizontal drilling introduced – a technology first for south Iraq

New high angle wells at Rumaila have proved to be 300% more productive than conventional wells – read more about this exciting new technology.
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A man sat at a desk working on a laptop with another man stood beside the desk pointing at documents

Supporting Iraq’s oil sector

Two Iraqis are currently benefitting from REF scholarships (the Rumaila Education Fund – click here for more information) at Middlesex University, near London. These are their stories.
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Footballer players in green kits playing a match at the new green football pitch

Bringing communities together with football

Four football pitches funded by ROO have been built in three villages that reside within or close to the Rumaila oilfield, as part of a programme of activities to serve local communities.
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Close up of a woman’s hands carrying out textile work with a sewing machine

Al Khora Women’s Training Centre – providing skills to the disadvantaged

Over 400 local women have completed voluntary training at this centre – read more about the success of this project initiated by Rumaila.
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Group of young children playing and laughing together in a playground

Staff donations to local causes reaches $160,000

Rumaila’s personnel – BP, SOC and PetroChina staff – have given $160,000 through personal donations and various fund-raising activities to help local initiatives.
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A group of workers, in front of a water facility

Keeping water flowing

Dhiyaa Rabee Nemaa is manager of the Maintenance Section for North Rumaila’s water injection wells, CPSs, industrial water pump stations and pipes. Below he talks about his team’s responsibilities.
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A smiling man in blue coveralls, white hardhat and sunglasses

Monitoring high-performance wells

Mohammed Rysaan works in the ESP Troubleshooting Team, monitoring high-performance wells. Below he explains more about the importance of his work.
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A smiling man in a maroon jumper stood in front of an orange building

Life at Rumaila

Abdullah Ghazi Al-Ebadi is a Basrawi who works at Rumaila’s Subsurface Department. Below he shares some insights about his career and life at Rumaila.
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A smiling man in a blue shirt sat in front of beige blinds

A first in Iraq: industrial hygiene international certification

Rumaila Industrial Hygienist Husam Falah Atiyah Al-Saedi has become the first Iraqi in Iraq to attain the International Certificate in Occupational Hygiene (ICertOH) from the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS).
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Two paramedics and a doctor treat a patient who is lying on a hospital bed

An Iraqi Medical Team

The Rumaila medical team has successfully transitioned from being a team of expatriate medics to become a team staffed by qualified and certified Iraqi medical health practitioners.
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