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Encouraging and supporting enterprise beyond the field

The Rumaila workforce now comprises over 6,800 Iraqi staff seconded from BOC and local agencies; a further 22,000 are deployed indirectly via our contractors. All form part of a long local tradition of working in the oil and gas industry.

Our commitment

Rumaila has awarded contracts worth over $5 billion to over 450 Iraqi companies. These companies provide a range of services, from specialist oil and gas engineering to construction, printing and catering.

Encouraging local Iraqi businesses

We recognise that Rumaila relies on local Iraqi businesses to operate to its full potential just as much as Iraqi businesses rely on Rumaila for commercial success.

To encourage local Iraqi businesses to tender for work, we often host dedicated workshops and meetings for local businesses to give advice about the opportunities available at Rumaila, how to meet health and safety standards, and use our online registration systems.

To date, Rumaila has awarded contracts worth over $5 billion to over 450 Iraqi companies.

How to work as a contractor at Rumaila

As part of working with Rumaila, all contractors must be registered with our online registration ISNetworld. We recognise that this is a new way of doing business for many of our Iraqi suppliers, but it does mean that whenever you make an application to work with Rumaila it will be treated in a confidential, impartial and trusted fashion.

Please download this brochure for guidance on how to best complete your application. All enquiries should be addressed to:

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