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Building skills and capability

Personal development is a fundamental commitment that is on-going and directly linked to Rumaila’s future prosperity. As new technologies and facilities are introduced, the need for improved training becomes more pronounced: providing the strong foundations for Rumaila’s long-term future development.

The Rumaila Academy

Intensive training and the transfer of expertise and knowledge from BP and PetroChina and other international experts to our workforce is guaranteed through the Technical Service Contract. Classroom and off-site training, as well as mentoring and teaching, are all part of this approach, which we call the Rumaila Academy.

The Academy comprises an established training curriculum on a range of topics, international class delivery tools, multi-purpose classrooms, e-learning suites and a comprehensive syllabus that is recognizably distinct to Rumaila, regardless of the course or discipline.

Over 2.7 million man-hours of training has been delivered to Rumaila personnel since 2010.
Two men in shirts sat next to each other at a desk working on worksheets
A man in a white shirt writing at a desk

Training courses

Training at Rumaila covers job-specific skills such as Finance, HR, Wells, Operations, Maintenance, Subsurface and Projects, as well as interpersonal and broader business skills, including English language and IT skills. Safety training takes up a large proportion of all training time and covers everything from driver safety to Control of Work programmes. Particular emphasis is being placed upon developing the next generation of Iraqi management.

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