Transforming the field to enhance safety
8th July 2024
Field Development

Remote shut down technology introduced across all Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs) wells to reduce risk to personnel, environment and facilities.

Following a successful pilot in early 2023, the introduction of new remote shutdown technology on all ESP wells across the field is nearing completion. This technology will allow teams to immediately and safely shut down Rumaila’s ESP wells remotely if faced with a safety critical issue – significantly reducing potential risk to staff, the environment and facilities.

The impact of this technology will be significant. Once field-wide introduction is complete, fewer site visits will be needed, with greater scope to optimize the performance of ESPs, supporting Rumaila’s people to work safely and more efficiently and contributing to the enhancement of the operation’s production performance.

The technology also paves the way for increased remote control functions in the future and there are ambitions for full control of ESP operations to be managed remotely with the completion of full field fibre optics.


Benefits of new technology at-a-glance

  1. Improves response time to HSE critical incidents
  2. Reduces need to deploy staff, vehicles and other resources to well sites
  3. Boosts efficiency of ESP operations
  4. Extends average run life of ESPs

Did you know?

An ESP unit is a system comprised of three parts:

  • Pump
  • Electric generator that provides power
  • Variable speed drive (VSD) that regulates the power
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