A field-wide rejuvenation programme

Almost every aspect of the Rumaila operation is in the process of transformation, thanks to an ongoing multi billion investment programme. New world-class facilities have been built and existing sites have been modernized, all with the view of driving improved efficiencies.

Constructing new facilities

A new power plant for the national grid and Rumaila

Multiple new facilities have been constructed, including:

  • the 150Mw Rumaila power plant (RPP), which uses gas captured from the field’s hydrocarbon reserves to power some of Rumaila’s infrastructure and frees capacity for the national grid
  • the Qarmat Ali Water Treatment plant’s second processing unit, which can treat up to one million barrels of industrial water per day to the right specification for injecting into the subsurface
  • Cluster pump station six (CPS-6), the first facility of its kind to be built at Rumaila for more than 40 years and which supports more oil production from the Mishrif reservoir in the south of the field. Work has also begun on building CPS-7
  • a secure 1,000m2 headquarters with modern office space for 1,000 staff and a purpose-built Rumaila Supply Base, the size of 24 football pitches.
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Modernizing facilities

Enhancing oil quality with new separation vessels

Our field renovations are enabling facilities from the 1970s to continue to treat production fluids – oil, gas and water – at levels never previously seen in the field’s history.

Major renovations and expansions include:

  • new vessels at degassing stations introduced to improve hydrocarbon separation to enhance oil quality
  • upgrading the 14 degassing stations as part of a multi-year programme to maintain process integrity, operability and reliability
  • new storage tanks built to store oil during export pauses
  • enhancing the water injection infrastructure – upgrading of five CPSs, associated pipeline network and the existing water treatment plant at Qarmat Ali.
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Using water sustainably

Construction begins on a new produced water reinjection facility

Construction has begun on Rumaila’s first ever facility for collecting and treating produced water from degassing stations so that it can be reinjected into the reservoirs.

This is a critical step in addressing two of Rumaila’s major long-term challenges: sourcing more water to maintain pressure within the reservoirs to continue to achieve oil production targets, as well as making use of the volume of produced water that comes up from wells mixed in with the oil and gas and separated at degassing stations.

The new produced water reinjection facility (PWRI-1) is being constructed near the Rumaila power plant and is projected to come online in the summer of 2024.

PWRI-1 will:

  • receive produced water from DS-2, DS-3 and DS-4 in North Rumaila
  • handle up to 300,000bpd of produced water
  • see water settled, treated and pumped to the required injection pressure of 180bar
  • enable water to be reinjected into the Main Pay reservoir .

The PWRI programme will in time extend to other parts of the field, with similar new facilities being built in the future in locations that will be determined by produced water volumes and reservoir injection requirements.

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