Supporting the Iraqi oil and gas sector

Rumaila’s commitment to broadening and deepening the existing skills base in the sector is delivered via the dedicated Rumaila Education Fund (REF). To date, more than $15 million has been spent in support of the below three objectives.  

Investing in Iraq’s most important industry

Initiatives that enhance Iraq’s hydrocarbon institutes

The REF invests in projects to introduce oil and gas-related technology and enhance Iraq’s institutes.
This has included investments in projects to:

  • support the digitization of data within the Ministry of Oil and the delivery of an Integrated Training Centre to boost the provision of language, engineering and health and safety training
  • train students to measure and control fluid level and flow with an oil Custody Transfer Simulator for the Mayssan Oil Training Institute (a branch of the Basra Oil Training Institute)
  • survey the capacity of local oil technicians’ training provision with international oil and gas industry standards and training provider Opito and the Basra Oil Training Institute.
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Enhancing technical and linguistic skills

887 BOC personnel trained, often overseas

Courses have been provided to 887 BOC personnel (some of whom work at Rumaila) in China, the UK and neighbouring Middle East countries since 2010, to give the next generation of engineers and professionals vital skills required in 21st century energy operations. These range from advanced financial accounting to drilling techniques and HR Management.

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Providing international scholarships 

57 graduates supported

Over the past 10 years, Rumaila has supported multiple initiatives with universities in the UK and the USA, with Iraqi students studying a variety of courses, from industry-related postgraduate degrees to specialized English language training schemes.

  • 27 postgraduate Master’s degrees
  • 6 PhD students
  • 24 undergraduates
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