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CT scanner for Basra Al-Sadir Teaching Hospital

Basra Al-Sadir Teaching Hospital’s Dr Sina’a Sagir talks about the benefits of the new CT scanner. [2:25]

10-year milestone reached in Rumaila’s journey of transformation

Rumaila’s recognizes 10 years of operating as One Team. [9:49]

Rumaila: Annual Video Report 2018

Our annual story that summarises the activities and achievements delivered by the Rumaila Operating Organisation in 2018

Rumaila: Annual Video Report 2017

Find out more about the work delivered at Rumaila in 2017. [14:02]

Rumaila: Working as one team

Find out more about how Rumaila works as one team across a vast operation that covers 16,000 km2

Dehydrator and Desalter Units

Find out more about some of the equipment we are bringing in to increase production and maintain oil quality. [3:06]

Rumaila: our work in the community

Find out more about how we work with our friends in our neighbouring communities to address social issues. [7:12]

2016: a year of exceeding targets

Find out more about how Rumaila delivered another successful year. [10:14]

The pressure problem

Find out more about how Rumaila is dealing with one of the biggest challenges of sustaining oil from our mature reservoirs – the declining levels of pressure. [1:12]

Rumaila: first five years

The story of Rumaila’s first five years: what we have achieved, how we work and how our operations has changed in such a short period of time. [5:16]

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