Water: vital for Rumaila’s future

At the heart of Rumaila’s long-term development plans, is water injection, which is undertaken to boost pressure levels in our reservoirs. The first 10 years saw injection focus on the north of the field, which helped to increase production 154%, from 382,000 to 969,000 barrels per day.

Our changing reservoirs

Why we inject water

After 60 years of production, Rumaila’s reservoirs are changing. The pressure levels in the reservoirs in the north of the field have dropped. This is part of a process called base decline and is common to all oilfields (although the rate of decline varies).

Without addressing this issue and undertaking activities such as maintaining wells across the field, Rumaila’s production would fall by hundreds of thousands of barrels each day.

However, Rumaila has not only maintained but also increased production levels over the past 10 years. We are beating the base decline thanks to our various activities and interventions.

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Record breaking injection rates

A record 1.4 million barrels by 2021

The ROO took over operation of the Qarmat Ali Water Treatment Plant (QAWTP) in March 2013, when injection was around 60,000 barrels per day (bpd) of water.

By June 2021, water injection averaged 1.4 million bpd and reached a one-day peak of 1.681 million barrels in May 2021. This water has very high saline levels making it unsuitable for drinking or domestic use and is treated to the correct specifications so that it can be safely injected into reservoirs. This has only been possible thanks to the investment made in the water injection infrastructure (at QAWTP and renovations to pumping stations and associated flowlines) and the efforts of all our people.

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Expanding to South Rumaila

A new facility - one of the most advanced in Iraq

Looking to the future, Rumaila needs to boost production from the Mishrif reservoir in the south of the field. Cluster pump station six (CPS-6) is a brand-new facility which has been constructed for this purpose and is the first of its kind at Rumaila for some 40 years.

About CPS-6

  • One of the most advanced pumping stations in Iraq.
  • Capacity: up to 320,000bpd of water for injection.
  • 18 formerly ceased producing wells have been reactivated and produced around 63,000 barrels per day in the first few months.
  • Digital monitoring of the site’s key equipment and components to manage pressure levels and ensure performance is maximized by the purpose-built control room.
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