Working with our community

The Rumaila Social Welfare Fund (SWF) delivers community projects to benefit communities that live in and around Rumaila oilfield – the largest being those in the BOC (previously known as SOC) and Al Sekak Villages at North Rumaila, and at Al Khora near the Qarmat Ali Water Treatment Plant.

Rumaila actively engages with its neighbouring communities and works hand in hand with local authorities and community leaders to ensure any concerns are understood, and that our communities are valued as part of the extended Rumaila family.

Our social programmes are in the vital areas of training and education, health and infrastructure.

Training and education
The Rumaila funded Women’s Training Centre in Al Khora village near the Qarmat Ali Water Treatment Plant provides training for vulnerable women, most of whom are the main breadwinners for their families. More than 400 women have completed voluntary training courses to learn new skills through the scheme. Many have gone on to set up their own community businesses. Read more here.

In addition, young people from the village of Al Khora have also benefited from a vocational training programme, undertaking certified training courses in welding, construction and electrical work.

Schools in the Al Khora village have been refurbished by ROO. Insulation, lighting, electrical wiring, paving, and fencing facilities were all upgraded to provide a better teaching environment; female latrines were constructed to counter what had been identified as the main barrier to regular female school attendance.

In North Rumaila, we provided a mobile health clinic with a doctor, dentist and pharmacists which now serves around 7,000 people from both the BOC and Al Sekak villages.

The new state of the art Al Khora Health Clinic was designed and built by ROO and its partners to serve the 7,000 residents. The clinic has consultation rooms, a waiting area and an emergency room and offers a range of services including preventative healthcare (such as vaccinations) and therapeutic services. The clinic has been seeing an average of 255 patients per week. Read more here.

Al Khora also now enjoys clean water for drinking and bathing for the first time, thanks to a project to deliver water to the village. This entailed working with the Directorate of Water and several stages of renovations and construction, including: upgrading the existing water treatment plant to extract and treat potable water; installing a new source water pump station and the installation of 2.5km of new pipework to reach residents’ homes.

In addition, Rumaila runs a Women’s Health Volunteer programme and during an average month, around 1,600 home visits are made by the network of 20 volunteers to educate families about health issues. We also support local hospitals, having donated echocardiogram scanning equipment to Zubair Hospital and provided maintenance services on an on-going basis to the Basra Cancer Children Hospital.

Our social programmes are in the vital areas of training and education, health and infrastructure.

In North Rumaila, we’ve aided two villages with the provision of drinking water via tankers to over 1,000 households. We also purchased and installed new pumps at a water pumping facility in Al Sekak village supplying 450 households with directly piped water.

Rumaila has built a 4km modern asphalt main access road to Al Khora village and upgraded roads for both villages in North Rumaila, improving access to the outside world and services.

On an on-going basis, Rumaila provides regular refuse collection services to around 1,000 households in North Rumaila and has also provided scrap removal services on a periodic basis when requested.

In an effort to improve general living conditions, Rumaila has repaired and re-installed street lighting, and planted greenery and refurbished a recreational park in North Rumaila.

Staff Charitable Donations
Staff at Rumaila also make their own generous contributions through donations and various fundraising initiatives, which to date have exceeded $130,000. These funds have gone towards various initiatives including the Basra Children’s Cancer Hospital. Read more here.


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