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This page is dedicated to news stories from Rumaila. They provide insight into how the field is progressing; how we look after our people, and how Rumaila is making important contributions to its surrounding communities.

Rumaila rises to the COVID-19 challenge

Since March 2020, a variety of measures have been taken by the Rumaila Operating Organisation to mitigate issues, maximize efficiencies and help Rumaila to continue to maintain production safely, at a critical time for the nation. Across Rumaila, people are stepping up to meet the challenges that the coronavirus presents.

Adapting and delivering for Iraq: Stepping up when it matters
The SR Main Pipelines, Tanks, Flares and Industrial Water Stations (IWS) Maintenance Section has continued to maintain a variety of equipment across South Rumaila during the Covid-19 pandemic. Below, we find out how the section stepped up to support Rumaila when it mattered.
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Adapting and delivering for Iraq: Managing workplace safety
To contend with the new virus threat, the Control of Work (CoW) Team has had to adapt the CoW procedure to safeguard personnel while still ensuring the required documents are completed.
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Adapting and delivering for Iraq: Day-to-day operations
Day-to-day operations at Rumaila have continued across the field, albeit with multiple restrictions. The South Rumaila Rotating Equipment Maintenance Section, responsible for maintaining pumps and gas turbines in the degassing stations in the south of the field, is just one of the many teams rising to the challenges faced in this extraordinary time.
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Adapting and delivering for Iraq: Flexible working
A flexible approach to work is crucial in the current climate. Over the past few months, many departments have had staff working remotely from home in a bid to reduce the spread of the virus, keeping themselves, their colleagues, and their family safe.
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Adapting and delivering for Iraq: Maintaining performance
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Rumaila has continued to produce oil for Iraq, with production remaining stable. Indeed, the field has seen outstanding performance across the operation. One such achievement has been the amount of water injected – 1.53 million barrels in a single day and the most ever witnessed at the field.
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Adapting and delivering for Iraq: North Rumaila Water Injection Mechanical Maintenance Section
Across the field, individuals and teams are stepping up to meet the extraordinary challenges that the coronavirus COVID-19 presents. Here, Section Superintendent Nawfal KhairAllah Alhijaj, talks about how his team are pulling together to complete important work on water injection equipment.
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Adapting and delivering for Iraq: South Rumaila Mechanical Maintenance Team
Despite the problems caused by COVID-19, the SR Mechanical Maintenance Team successfully fixed and restarted three gas turbines at Markazia and Qurainat degassing stations safely and within record time. Here, Section Superintendent, Qusey Yaseen Taha, shares his team’s achievement…
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Field Development
Accelerating technology solutions
A new terminal server environment has been introduced in response to recent changes in ways of working and in support of the continuing drive to upgrade technologies to maximize efficiencies and enhance connectivity at Rumaila.
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Revolutionising Data Analytics at Rumaila
Power BI, a new web-based application, has transformed the way Rumaila collects, analyses and views data, making the operation more connected and streamlined.
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Powering Rumaila and Basra
The Rumaila Power Plant (RPP) was formally opened in March 2018 and has been providing power to the field and the Iraq national grid. Using gas captured from Rumaila’s own reservoirs, this is a vivid example of the operation’s commitment to creating a more sustainable and self-sufficient Rumaila.
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First FWKOs come on-line
Construction and commissioning of the first Free Water Knock Out (FWKO) vessels at Shamiya Degassing Station is complete, with vessels coming on-line and enhancing the facility’s capacity for treating fluids.
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Radio system upgrade complete
The full roll out of the sophisticated digital radio communications system, Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA), is now complete, providing full communications coverage across Rumaila, including the Qarmat Ali Water Treatment Plant (QAWTP).
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Degassing Station transformed by new vessels
The new dehydrators and desalters (D&Ds) at Degassing Station Four (DS-4) have been successfully integrated and brought online, increasing DS4’s capacity to treat an extra 84,000 barrels per day (bpd) of oil.
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Over 180km² of land cleared of UXO
After eight years of removing unexploded ordnance (UXO) from the Rumaila concession area, ROO has reached the landmark of clearing 180 square kilometres of land.
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Water injection helps to double production in North Rumaila
Oil Production in North Rumaila has more than doubled since ROO was established in 2010. Key to this success has been our on-going water injection programme. Find out more in the below video.
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Largest ever vessels arrive at Rumaila
Six new production vessels – three dehydrators and three desalters (D&Ds) – have arrived at two Rumaila degassing stations, following an operation described as one of the largest shipments ever to be moved on Iraqi roads.
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Rumaila oilfield achieves 3 billion barrel production landmark
Rumaila has produced three billion barrels of oil since the Rumaila Operating Organisation joint venture began operating in January 2010.
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Horizontal drilling introduced
Horizontal drilling by new high angle wells at Rumaila has proved to be 300% more productive than conventional wells – a technology first for the field and for south Iraq.
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Supporting Communities
Celebrating the graduation of the Al Khora kindergarten class
A class of thirty children from the kindergarten at the Al Khora Community Centre for Women have graduated, ahead of their first year in primary school.
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Local communities benefit from improved road network
Rumaila’s Social Welfare Fund has supported the construction and refurbishment of over 25km of roads at the Al Khora village, improving connections between and within communities, cutting journey times and reducing the likelihood of accidents or damage to vehicles.
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Extensive renovations completed at local school
Donations raised by ROO staff have funded refurbishments at the Al Dura school to help improve the teaching environment.
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The Mobile Health Clinic – improving the lives of local people
The Mobile Health Clinic established by Rumaila’s Social Welfare Fund has had a significant impact on improving the lives of residents at the North Rumaila, Al Sikak and Rumaila Villages.
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Supporting Iraq’s oil sector
Two Iraqis are currently benefitting from REF scholarships (the Rumaila Education Fund – click here for more information) at Middlesex University, near London. These are their stories.
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Bringing communities together with football
Four football pitches funded by ROO have been built in three villages that reside within or close to the Rumaila oilfield, as part of a programme of activities to serve local communities.
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Making a difference – the Al Khora Community Centre for Women
Over 400 local women have completed voluntary training courses to learn new skills, thanks to a scheme established by ROO.
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Staff donations to local causes reaches $160,000
Over the past three years, Rumaila’s personnel – BP, BOC (previously known as SOC) and PetroChina staff – have given $160,000 through personal donations and various fund-raising activities to help local initiatives.
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Our people
ROO Firefighting and Rescue Team: a journey of continuous improvement
In recent years, ROO Firefighting and Rescue Team has undergone a transformation in both personnel capability and equipment upgrade.
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Taking swift action to prevent production losses
Rumaila now has over 200 ESP online wells, contributing around 460,000 barrels of oil per day. ESPs are placed at the bottom of a well to add more energy to bring production fluids to the surface. Without electrical submersible pumps (ESPs), Rumaila’s current oil production would fall by around a third. Below, Adrees and Majid talk about their team’s recent efforts to prevent production losses.
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Achieving more together
Every year, the Wellhead Maintenance (WHM) Team has a target in the ROO Annual Operating Plan to carry out preventative wellhead maintenance (PWHM) on all of Rumaila’s 1,130+ wells. In the first half of 2019, the Wellhead Maintenance Team achieved 100% of the team’s wellhead preventative maintenance target. Here is their story….
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Relying on each other
This video begins to illustrate the breadth of teams that work across the field – and reminds everyone at Rumaila that even though we work at a vast operation that covers 16,000 km2, we all rely on each other for us to succeed.
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Taking action to save local lives
North Rumaila Safety Supervisor Kamal Nasser Jabur has taken his learnings from Rumaila to establish an organization to improve safety in his local area. Below, Kamal talks about his inspiring work…
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Improving vital technology
Hussam is a Shift Engineer within the North Rumaila ESP (Electrical Submersible Pump) Section. Below, he talks about his recent work upgrading important technology.
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Adapting to international standards
The Qarmat Ali Water Treatment Plant (QAWTP) treats industrial water for injecting into oil wells. Reliability and Maintenance Manager, Abbas Hamza Abbas, talks about how his team has grown and supports Rumaila.
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Keep water flowing
Dhiyaa Rabee Nemaa is manager of the Maintenance Section for North Rumaila’s water injection wells, CPSs, industrial water pump stations and pipes. Below he talks about his team’s responsibilities.
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Monitoring high-performance wells
Mohammed Rysaan works in the ESP Troubleshooting Team, monitoring high-performance wells. Below he explains more about the importance of his work.
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Life at Rumaila
Abdullah Ghazi Al-Ebadi is a Basrawi who works at Rumaila’s Subsurface Department. Below he shares some insights about his career and life at Rumaila.
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A first in Iraq: industrial hygiene international certification
Rumaila Industrial Hygienist Husam Falah Atiyah Al-Saedi has become the first Iraqi in Iraq to attain the International Certificate in Occupational Hygiene (ICertOH) from the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS).
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An Iraqi Medical Team
The Rumaila medical team has successfully transitioned from being a team of expatriate medics to become a team staffed by qualified and certified Iraqi medical health practitioners.
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