Modernizing one of the world’s great oilfields

Rumaila is part of the Basra Oil Company family of oilfields. It is one of the largest oilfields in the world and is the largest producing field in Iraq, producing around a third of the country’s oil.

A unique partnership

Who we are

Oil has been produced at Rumaila for well over 60 years. A Technical Service Contract (TSC) was signed in 2009 between SOC (now called Basra Oil Company or BOC), bp, PetroChina and Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) to establish the Rumaila Operating Organisation (ROO) to transform the oilfield into a sustainable world-class oilfield for Iraq and its people. The TSC extends to 2034 and provides a strong foundation for the continued progress of Rumaila for the next 13 years.

The ROO partnership is an excellent example of how NOCs (national oil companies) can work alongside IOCs (international oil companies), retaining control and re-building capability within country to sustain their oil industry’s success for future generations.

In June 2022, bp and PetroChina formalised the partnership between the two companies by creating Basra Energy Company (BECL) to manage their interests at Rumaila and to help support optimized and continued investment in the field.


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An Iraqi operation

A 95% Iraqi workforce

Rumaila is overwhelmingly an Iraqi operation, with around 6,800 Iraqis working as ROO staff. A further estimated 22,000 Iraqis are employed via contractors who support Rumaila’s activities through a large supply chain. International staff from around the world make up around 5% of the workforce and ensure Rumaila benefits from expertise gained at other oilfields.

People are key to our success and we are building the skills and capabilities through training and on-the job mentoring to develop the next generation of Iraqi leaders.


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