An Iraqi operation supported by international experts

Under a Technical Service Contract (TSC), the Basra Oil Company (BOC) and the State Oil Marketing Organisation (SOMO) along with contractors, bp and PetroChina have come to work together as one team bringing a range of different expertise and skills to modernize this supergiant oilfield.

The TSC extends to 2035 and provides a strong foundation for the continued progress of Rumaila for the next 15 years. The ROO partnership is a good example of how NOCs (National Oil Companies) can work alongside IOCs (International Oil Companies), retaining control and re-building capability within country to sustain their oil industry’s success for future generations.

Rumaila is an Iraqi operation, with 6,800 members of the workforce seconded from BOC (previously known as SOC) and local personnel recruited via agencies.

Day-to-day operations
At the heart of the ROO partnership is a commitment to share knowledge, act responsibly and build the skills capability of the workforce – achieved through a commitment to people development, transfer of modern oil industry best practice, training and on-the-job mentoring.

Rumaila is overwhelmingly an Iraqi operation, with 6,800 members of the workforce seconded from BOC and local personnel recruited via agencies. International staff from around the world make up around 4% of the workforce and ensure Rumaila benefits from expertise gained at other oilfields – additional support is also provided by bp offices in locations across the world.


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