Encouraging and supporting enterprise beyond the field

Rumaila is committed to working with local and Iraqi companies. These companies employ around 30,000 people across the field in a range of services, from specialist oil and gas engineering to construction, printing and catering.

Advancing local Iraqi businesses

$6 billion worth of contracts awarded to 185 Iraqi companies

We recognize that Rumaila relies on local Iraqi businesses to operate to its full potential, just as much as Iraqi businesses rely on Rumaila for commercial success.

Over the past 11 years, more than $6 billion worth of contracts have been awarded to 185 Iraqi companies, playing a vital role in Basra’s economy.

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Working as a contractor at Rumaila

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To encourage local Iraqi businesses to tender for work, dedicated workshops and meetings are hosted for local businesses to help them understand the opportunities available at Rumaila, how to meet health and safety standards, and use our online registration systems.

In order to work with Rumaila, all contractors must be registered with our supplier registration system. We recognise that this is a new way of doing business for many of our Iraqi suppliers, but it does mean that whenever they make an application to work with Rumaila it will be treated in a confidential, impartial and trusted fashion.

All enquiries should be addressed to: rumailapresscentre@roobasra.com

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