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15th December 2020
Field Development

A new terminal server environment has been introduced in response to recent changes in ways of working and in support of the continuing drive to upgrade technologies to maximize efficiencies and enhance connectivity at Rumaila.

The new terminal server, implemented by the ROO ITC Department, allows larger volumes of personnel to access ROO’s servers from outside of the field’s sites. This is essential during the current climate and for the long-term agile running of the operation. The existing system, Unified Application Gateway, could only cater for a small number of users and could only provide remote access to emails and limited applications, meaning that more complex applications for Subsurface and Wells could not be accessed. Without the installation of the more advanced remote access F5 system, the operation would not have been able to meet the challenges of business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using the existing Virtual Machine environment, the ROO ITC Department were able to upgrade the existing ways of working. Although no new hardware or physical equipment was required, some of the older applications required very specific software. The department ascertained the needs and requirements of other departments across the field and these were reflected in the setup of the remote access infrastructure. Testing, gaining feedback and troubleshooting then followed before the product was scaled out across the operation.

Senior Backoffice Engineer Mustafa Haki said: “It took eight days in total to complete this work, a project that was originally earmarked to be introduced over the course of 2020. But time was critical and given the situation presented by the global pandemic, we dramatically accelerated the project plan. The success of this project is a true testament to the whole of the ROO ITC Department; true to form, this solution was designed, developed, tested and deployed by ITC staff working under hugely difficult circumstances.”

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