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13th June 2019
Our people

Every year, the Wellhead Maintenance (WHM) Team has a target in the ROO Annual Operating Plan to carry out preventative wellhead maintenance (PWHM) on all of Rumaila’s 1,130+ wells. In the first half of 2019, the Wellhead Maintenance Team achieved 100% of the team’s wellhead preventative maintenance target.

The PWHM includes servicing and testing all surface valves, as well as recording all wellhead pressures. It’s important because it helps minimize safety risks. For example, if there was a flowline leak but the PWHM had not been carried out, the valve on the wellhead may not work properly and could lead to serious implications.

Reaching the PWHM target is no mean feat. It required the WHM Team to closely collaborate with several other teams; the team received support from colleagues in other teams and vice versa. For example, Senior Petroleum Engineers carried out a well review to identify the risk of a well ceasing during shut in; the Optimization team identified a list of wells to be shut-in during TARs, and colleagues at the degassing stations were relied upon to issue Permits to Work.

Maintaining the 100% target could be challenging, so working as one team, being prepared and flexible in their approach, will continue to be important. Achieving the target this year has brought the WHM Team real pride. It proves what can be accomplished when teams come together and work towards shared goals.


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