Committed to keeping wells and degassing stations in check
8th July 2021
Rumaila rises to the COVID-19 challenge

The Inspection and Integrity Team successfully carried out several inspection and assessment activities that enabled Rumaila’s equipment, wells and degassing stations (DSs) to continue to function.

The team’s rigorous work included inspecting damages and completing non-destructive tests for five water injection wells, inspecting the damage of an 18-inch gas pipe at the Mishrif-Shamiya DS and inspecting the welding joints for well Ru-082.

Following the recent repair turnaround at the Qurainat DS, the team also conducted multiple and extensive inspections on various equipment and kit. This required the team to examine entry and export pipes, flare pipes, produced water pipes, flex lines and all other pipes and outlets connecting to the station’s tanks, trains and dehydrator and desalter units.

Saleem Obeid Abedali, Inspection & Integrity Section Superintendent, commented: “I’d like to acknowledge this team’s extraordinary efforts, which they demonstrated by completing many significant tasks during Ramadan and out of normal working hours. Their hard work resulted in limiting any severe impact to Rumaila’s production. I am very proud of this team and they deserve the recognition for such a strong level of commitment to getting the job done safely and quickly despite all the challenges.”

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