Day-to-day operations
8th July 2020
Rumaila rises to the COVID-19 challenge

Day-to-day operations at Rumaila have continued across the field, albeit with multiple restrictions. The South Rumaila Rotating Equipment Maintenance Section, responsible for maintaining pumps and gas turbines in the degassing stations in the south of the field, is just one of the many teams rising to the challenges faced in this extraordinary time.

The section’s Rotational Team successfully restarted a gas turbine at Markazia degassing station that had been offline due to a damaged control panel. In addition to this, the team also safely carried out essential work on an oil pump at another degassing station, in a record time of seven hours – whereas a similar job had previously taken two days. As a result of this, the team managed to prevent a production loss of 80,000 barrels per day. Both of these tasks took place during the month of Ramadan and required the staff to work overnight in order to complete the work as quickly as possible.

Qusay Yaseen Taha, Section Superintendent, commented: “Even in the face of staff shortages and delays in scheduling due to the curfew, my colleagues have remained as determined as ever. This was a team effort that involved support from other departments and I’m very proud of the way in which the work was completed safely and diligently. They have adapted to the ever-changing situation and worked together to smartly redistribute manpower so that we are prepared to tackle anything.”

Rumaila General Manager, Orkhan Guliyev, has commended the efforts of staff working across Rumaila, by saying: “Together, it has been an extraordinary response to an extraordinary situation. Everyone throughout our operation should feel great pride in how Rumaila has stepped up to deliver for Iraq, and at a time when its people need it most.”


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