Enhancing field efficiency through maintenance
28th March 2022
Rumaila rises to the COVID-19 challenge

The South Rumaila Main Pipelines, Tanks and Flares Maintenance Section played a vital role in the emergency shutdowns at four degassing stations.

This section, which is part of the Static Maintenance Department, is made up of several teams working effectively to maintain a range of equipment across South Rumaila and ensuring that the degassing stations run efficiently.

The section was instrumental during emergency shutdowns at Shamiya, Mishrif-Shamiya, Qurainat and Mishrif-Qurainat degassing stations, which proved challenging and required many simultaneous tasks to be completed. These activities were completed successfully, safely and in record time and served to vitally enhance production system performance.

The section’s Superintendent, Ahmed Naeem Faris, commented: “I am very pleased and proud of the work the section has carried out, which was achieved in a timely manner and to a high standard. No matter the challenge before them, our staff continue to show strong initiative and remain determined to complete all tasks. My thanks to all for your hard work, which is helping cut down costs and increase productivity across southern Rumaila!”

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