Flexible working
8th July 2020
Rumaila rises to the COVID-19 challenge

A flexible approach to work is crucial in the current climate. Over the past few months, many departments have had staff working remotely from home in a bid to reduce the spread of the virus, keeping themselves, their colleagues, and their family safe.

The ROO Wells department is one such team, which adapted to a “new normal”. Through the use of video conference technologies, the department is able to remain in constant contact and hold its daily morning meetings to review reports, approve workover programmes and troubleshoot any issues that are encountered. The department continues to carry out important tasks, such as a recent complicated wellhead modification operation that involved working with very intricate and small parts, and replacing corroded tubing which saw remote support from engineers to help guide the work (in the absence of other staff members who were unable to reach the field due to travel restrictions).

“In these circumstances, communication is key,” says Jalal Hammadi Aljabri, ROO Wells Manager. “It is the first time for all of us to be working from home and it has taken some getting used to, but with support from the IT&C department the team has hit its stride and the work continues apace. This is possible thanks to the careful and considered regular communication between team members, rig contractors and those that are carrying out tasks on-site.”


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