Maintaining performance
8th July 2020
Rumaila rises to the COVID-19 challenge

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Rumaila has continued to produce oil for Iraq, with production remaining stable. Indeed, the field has seen outstanding performance across the operation. One such achievement has been the amount of water injected – 1.53 million barrels in a single day and the most ever witnessed at the field.

Deputy General Manager, Hussein Abdul Khadhim, said: “This is an incredible story of multiple teams coming together to achieve something special and it is one of many examples of how departments across the operation are going above and beyond in a time of great need. In this period of global uncertainty, Rumaila has continued to produce high rates of oil production for Iraq – a task that would not have been possible without consistently high and stable water injection. My thanks go to everybody associated with this work and others across the field who remain dedicated to playing their part to keep Rumaila producing.”

Water injection is central to maintaining high volumes of oil production and has been the cornerstone for ROO’s strategy for the field’s development and its long-term future, with significant investment made in introducing new technologies and equipment, renewing infrastructure and establishing new injector wells. This has been supported by the dedication and expertise of the Operations and Maintenance teams at cluster pumps stations (CPSs) and the Qarmat Ali water treatment plant (QAWTP).

A new rotation pattern was brought in by BOC and the Ministry of Oil, which required three working days and nine days off work for most of the workforce, resulting in sites having to contend with fewer staff members. But all teams have risen to the challenge and sites’ operating performances have been broadly unaffected. Other challenges faced have included delays in the required materials, equipment and chemicals reaching the QAWTP due to supply chain restrictions and issues with clearance at the port. Multiple interventions were undertaken with the suppliers and the authorities by the Operations department in order to speed up the clearance process and passage of materials across check points, and ensure vital water continues to flow.

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