Maintaining safety training
28th March 2022
Rumaila rises to the COVID-19 challenge

The Safety Training Team has successfully devised a new training pattern by offering training online.

The Safety Training Team assesses and delivers the safety training needs in response to the organizational goals set out by Rumaila. They offer technical training courses ranging from basic to advanced levels, which include awareness of safety risks and safety control measures through rules and procedures, and the understanding of unsafe actions.

Despite current challenges with the pandemic, the team has devised ways to continue offering training services. They were able to devise an online training program, something the team had not done before. This approach enabled them to fulfil training demands from all departments across Rumaila. Once staff were able to return to site, they reintroduced classroom training following the safety standards of wearing face masks and social distancing.

Ali Fadhil Kadhim, Learning & Development (L&D) Safety Training Team Leader, said: “Our team is a machine for learning and through knowledge, we can make a significant difference. We stay motivated because we believe that our training plays a huge role in enforcing Rumaila’s safety culture. Our work protects staff from danger by raising awareness and this is of huge importance to us and drives us to work with passion and enthusiasm. Our main goal is to ensure that everybody returns home safe to their families.”

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