Managing shutdowns safely
19th April 2021
Rumaila rises to the COVID-19 challenge

Mishrif Qurainat Degassing Station successfully completed a safe ‘pitstop’ shutdown to undertake vital repairs and remove vulnerabilities at the site.

Because of COVID-19 impacting Rumaila’s scope of work, the pitstop had been delayed and was greeted with much anticipation by the operators of the station. In order to ensure the swiftest and safest possible outcome, extensive planning was completed in advance by the Operations Department at ROO headquarters, the station’s site team, several maintenance teams, HSE, and supporting contractor teams.

The pitstop was planned to take seven days with a day either side for shutdown and start-up, however the tasks were completed 24 hours ahead of schedule meaning that the planned losses were greatly reduced.

Hayder Nazar, SR Production Manager commented: “This was the most comprehensive pitstop delivered at Rumaila under the leadership of the Static Maintenance Team. A total of 95 important activities were completed to reduce vulnerability risks at the station and to ensure its safe and reliable future operation. The fact that 1,250 man-hours of work was completed with no accidents, no incidents, no leaks, no process safety incidents, speaks volumes about the quality of the work delivered. To see the amount of work delivered – which factored in COVID-19 working restrictions – gave me great pride, so I’d like to thank everyone for their commitment, courage and endeavour.”

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