South Rumaila Mechanical Maintenance Team
13th March 2020
Rumaila rises to the COVID-19 challenge

Despite the problems caused by COVID-19, the SR Mechanical Maintenance Team successfully fixed and restarted three gas turbines at Markazia and Qurainat degassing stations safely and within record time. Here, Section Superintendent, Qusey Yaseen Taha, shares his team’s achievement…

Everyone across Rumaila is facing their own challenges; as a leader, it’s my responsibility to keep my staff focused and motivated during the hardest of times. The gas turbines are essential pieces of equipment in the degassing stations and there is a risk of significant production disruption if one is shut down. My team were clear on the vital work they had to carry out to maintain production and enable the organization to continue supporting Iraq and its people, when it is needed most.

Safety is always more important than speed and this is even more pertinent in the current situation when we are all trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Everyone was proactive and took responsibility for looking after themselves and those around them – wearing the correct PPE, following the disinfection procedures and keeping a safe distant from other colleagues where possible.


The team co-ordinated with the Production Team and the Markazia and Qurainat Operating teams to carry out the necessary preparatory work. Once this work had been done, the team was able to complete the maintenance work on the gas turbines. This included repairing the Primary Engine’s clutch on the Markazia turbine and replacing the starter motor on the Qurainat turbine. Once these tasks were completed successfully the gas turbines were restarted.

My thanks go to our Lead Engineer Abbas Kadhim Mnahee and every team member for the commitment and diligence theydemonstrated. Even though the work was difficult, and the circumstances more so, through following the instructions, adhering to best practices and co-operating with other teams and leadership, the tasks were completed safely and swiftly.


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