Stepping up when it matters
8th October 2020
Rumaila rises to the COVID-19 challenge

The SR Main Pipelines, Tanks, Flares and Industrial Water Stations (IWS) Maintenance Section has continued to maintain a variety of equipment across South Rumaila during the Covid-19 pandemic. Below, we find out how the section stepped up to support Rumaila when it mattered.

Recently, team section members were working on Train C at Qurainat Degassing Station, when suddenly a different part of the facility sustained damage. The joint gas pipe between two production trains (A and B) had broken, meaning both trains had to be temporarily taken out of service. As well as completing the task that they were originally assigned to undertake, the section now had an urgent additional problem to fix. Staff members decided to continue working on-site until the early hours of the morning to ensure that the trains could be brought back online.

But they faced significant challenges. The pipe’s location proved problematic as it was surrounded by cables and remote data transmitter units, which also posed safety issues. Staff shortages – due to the current health measures – and harsh weather conditions also intensified the difficulty of the work.

Section Superintendent, Ahmed Naeem, said: “I am so proud of the section. From their regular maintenance tasks and assuming responsibility for the IWSs, through to dealing with the maintenance works at Qurainat, they continue to demonstrate personal ownership and strong initiative. Their response to the challenges that arise during their work show how capable and adaptable they are.”

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