Working hard to put wells on production
8th July 2021
Rumaila rises to the COVID-19 challenge

The South Rumaila (SR) Static Equipment Maintenance Section carries out essential maintenance tasks that have a direct impact on Rumaila’s production. Among their most important task is getting wells ready for workover jobs.

Within the first quarter of 2021, the team disconnected pipes of 22 wells, re-connected 20 other wells, and had these wells put on production within the scheduled time. They managed to complete their tasks without any delay, avoiding production losses.

The process of getting these wells ready for workovers entails the team first disconnecting, lifting and moving the pipes of a well. This activity can include moving the Y piece, all the valves, pipes, extension pieces and the concrete stands, which can be up to 80 meters away from the well.

Once complete, the team then closes the pipe endings and prepares the well pad and Christmas tree for the workover rig installation. When the workover job is done, this team then has to reconnect all the pipes within a strict timeline according to the put on production schedule.

Abdul Bari Abdul Wahid Mohammed, Section Superintendent, commented: “This section always goes above and beyond in their work and carried out many important tasks successfully despite the challenges imposed by COVID-19 and the reduction in the workforce. They should all be very proud as they have completed all these tasks without having to depend on contractors and contributed to cost savings for the organisation.”


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