Celebrating the graduation of the Al Khora kindergarten class
5th December 2019
Supporting Communities

A class of thirty children from the kindergarten at the Al Khora Community Centre for Women have graduated, ahead of their first year in primary school.

Parents, staff members and representatives from Rumaila, were there to witness the ceremony, as the children (aged six to six and a half) bade farewell to what has been a fun and caring environment in their formative years.

The Al Khora Community Centre for Women was established in 2015 and offers a range of voluntary courses from trade-specific classes such as sewing, design, hairdressing, beauty and craftworks, as well as lessons in literacy, computer usage and human rights.

The kindergarten was expanded when it was realized that the lack of childcare was preventing women from being able to attend courses. With the establishment of the kindergarten, mothers were able to continue their studies to learn new skills, safe in the knowledge that their children were cared for. Meanwhile, the children were able to do what children always do – have fun, play and make new friends!


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