First stage of transformative trunkline project completed
19th April 2021
Field Development

A new oil manifold has been installed to serve Mishrif Qurainat Degassing Station, representing the first step in ROO’s Field Trunkline Project – a 10-year plan to modernize Rumaila’s aging flowline system and to transform the field’s infrastructure.

The Rumaila Field Trunkline Project (FTP) was initiated in 2019, with the goal of replacing and reconfiguring a large section of Rumaila’s existing production gathering system – the flowlines, manifold and trunklines responsible for transporting oil – across the field.

Manifolds at Rumaila are used to converge multiple flowlines into a single larger trunkline, executed through an arrangement of piping and valves that control, monitor and distribute fluid flow.

The first of the new manifolds, located between Mishrif Qurainat and Qurainat degassing stations (DSs), was ready for operation at the end of 2020. The trunkline was designed by Projects’ Design Section, who also monitored its construction. Having a new single trunkline provides more efficient transportation to the DS and replaces several old flow lines which used to impede the movement of people and trucks as well as the safety and maintenance works. Mishrif Quaraint’s new trunkline manifold will have the flexibility for future expansion without impacting production. It also has several modern features and is able to relay data in real time to Rumaila Headquarters via a remote telemetry unit.

As part of the ongoing drive to digitalise Rumaila, an integral part of the FTP is to lay a fibre optic cable network alongside flowlines and trunklines such as this one to provide reliable data on the performance status of wells. Over the next 10 years, the FTP aims to replace more than 500 existing flowlines and install some 60 new field trunkline manifolds.

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