Improving vital technology
13th December 2018
Our people

Hussam Amir Abdul Hameed is a Shift Engineer within the North Rumaila ESP (Electrical Submersible Pump) Section. Below, he talks about his recent work upgrading important technology.

I recently developed our PI Vision system, which allows for real-time monitoring of ESP wells. Experiencing the limitations of the existing technology first hand, motivated me to look for ways to improve it.

The upgrades included refining the accessibility of information on the system, such as summary reports for critical wells being retrievable from just one click. Other developments related to the type of information being displayed: recording the exact on/off time of ESPs, showing the period since the ESP signal went offline and introducing a sound to alert the operator that a well has gone offline or come back online.

All these upgrades will assist me and my colleagues in keeping on top of the field changes and updates and help us to take swift, corrective action should an issue arise. ROO has made a great leap forward in advancing our technology, largely thanks to the aptitude and commitment of the IT Department. I am hopeful that such developments will continue.

My work fills me with a sense of pride. Reflecting on my personal achievements as well as the achievements of my team reminds me how valuable our contribution is to the organization. We mustn’t underestimate the importance of making improvements in our work, no matter how big or small. If each one of us changed one thing for the better, a process or a piece of equipment, taking into considerations MOC (management of change) procedures, imagine how that could collectively affect Rumaila’s progress.


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