Local communities benefit from improved road network
12th June 2019
Supporting Communities

Rumaila’s Social Welfare Fund has supported the construction and refurbishment of over 25km of roads at the Al Khora village, improving connections between and within communities, cutting journey times and reducing the likelihood of accidents or damage to vehicles.

Enhancing the quality of transportation links brings economic benefits as well as making roads safer for both drivers and residents. As well as enduring accidents, residents suffered potholes, bumps and dust generated by passing vehicles – some of which would travel at dangerously high speeds past many village houses and the two local schools at Al Khora. As a result of the work completed, traffic is now controlled on these roads making it easier for pedestrians and drivers to travel safely and for mothers and children to get to school.

This work included the construction of a completely resurfaced new 4km main access road, built to international standards, and the introduction of safety features such as new road markings, reflective cats-eyes for night driving, and speed control bumps, especially near the Al-Hujurat school. Work was also carried out on branch roads in the village’s road network leading off the main roads. The work involved adding and compacting subbase and tarmacking the route.

In addition, road safety and security at Al Khora and Zubair communities have also been improved by the introduction of 350 streetlights to reduce the number of accidents occurring at night-time.

Rumaila Community Committee member Mr Arab Kadhum Al Jazaeri says, “The community gave us their full support to accomplish these projects. In order to avoid disputes between some of the tribes and to accelerate the project’s progress, some community members gave up their time when they could have been in employment. I’m delighted that this much-needed road is complete, it will bring benefits to a large number of people.”


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