Over 180km² of land cleared of UXO
7th August 2018
Field Development

After eight years of removing unexploded ordnance (UXO) from the Rumaila concession area, ROO has reached the landmark of clearing 180 square kilometres of land.

Every rig location and every construction project ROO has initiated over the past eight years has seen the UXO Co-ordination Centre (CC) that sits within the Facilities Management Department, play a critically important role.

Before a spade has been placed in the ground, it’s the job of the UXO CC to make sure that the land is clear of any remnants of war or UXO. The locations where work takes place depends entirely on the requirements of the operation. So, whenever land is required for any purpose – be that to drill new wells, lay new pipeline or build new facilities – the UXO CC make sure the area is safe for any work to begin.

Between 2010 and early-2016, the Arabian Gulf Mine Action Company (AGMACo) undertook the work of demining the field; however, since April 2017 ROO has deployed local Iraqi contractor TA’AZ Demining, to accomplish this ongoing work.

To date, 53,237 UXO/Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) have been collected, removed and destroyed from locations across the field, ranging from the Headquarters in the south to the recently constructed Rumaila power plant in the north.


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