Powering Rumaila and Basra
6th April 2018
Field Development

The Rumaila Power Plant (RPP) was formally opened in March 2018 and has been providing power to the field and the Iraq national grid. Using gas captured from Rumaila’s own reservoirs, this is a vivid example of the operation’s commitment to creating a more sustainable and self-sufficient Rumaila.

The RPP exports over half of its generated electricity to the national grid, powering local communities, vital infrastructure and services. ROO has been working with the Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of Electricity to ensure that flexibility exists so that the RPP can divert additional power to the national grid when it is most needed.

The RPP also now powers two water injection stations, helping to make these facilities more stable and effective to produce more oil. The plant will progressively become more connected to the field’s facilities and infrastructure, making Rumaila increasingly self-sufficient.

The gas turbine generators are designed with dry low nitrogen oxide burners, allowing reduced pollutants to be omitted into the air. Emissions are monitored via the Continuous Emissions Monitoring System which helps reduce emissions, benefitting the local communities.


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