Powering up across the field
15th February 2023
Field Development

The first electrical submersible pump (ESP) wells are now being powered by the Rumaila Power Plant, resulting in increased reliability and uptime of the wells.

  • ESP wells in the north of the Rumaila oilfield are being incrementally electrified.
  • Part of a five-year programme to provide a more cost-effective, technologically efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to the existing power source of diesel generators.
  • The benefits of using a more stable power source are already being seen with production losses being prevented, costs being reduce and the longevity of the wells set to increase over time.

Did you know?

An ESP is located at the bottom of a well and helps to lift oil to the surface, making oil producing wells far more efficient. ESPs currently contribute to almost half of ROO’s total oil production.

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