Staff donations to local causes reaches $160,000
1st February 2017
Supporting Communities

Over the past three years, Rumaila’s personnel – BP, BOC (previously known as SOC) and PetroChina staff – have given $160,000 through personal donations and various fund-raising activities to help local initiatives.

As an operation, Rumaila has a dedicated Social Welfare Fund that helps different projects in the local community (more details here). In addition to this, individuals at Rumaila have chosen to donate money from their own pockets over the years, which have culminated in providing support to a number of projects.

The Basra Children’s Cancer Hospital is one such institution that has received help. A substantial amount has been donated towards the provision of vital medicines as well as medical supplies to administer the drugs. Some of the medicine will treat childhood illnesses such as bronchitis and tonsillitis, while others are for the prevention and treatment of more serious illnesses arising from viral and bacterial infections. Financial help was also given towards repairing the hospital’s ventilation system; by replacing the filters in the units, the air quality on wards with vulnerable patients in recovery has improved and the spread of air-borne germs reduced.

A new video conferencing facility was also installed at the hospital by Rumaila. The hospital frequently needs to consult with other international professionals on modern and emerging best practice treatments for illnesses such as cancer or heart disease. To help them do so, money and technical support was provided to install a satellite-based video conferencing solution to help the hospital to better communicate with the outside world. As well as the installation of all communications equipment, funding for the operation and technical support has been provided as required.

Staff donations have enabled welfare and food packages to be distributed to several vulnerable families to communities close to the operation.

Working with our partner, the AMAR International Charitable Foundation, staff donations have enabled welfare and food packages to be distributed to several vulnerable families to communities close to the operation over the past four years. These aid packages are distributed during Ramadan and in times of hardship; be they floods or the intense summer heat. For example, $5,000 went towards rechargeable fans to assist families with limited access to electricity during the hot summer months. Other donations have been given to the AMAR Foundation’s ‘Escaping Darkness’ Appeal which provides support to women and girls that escaped captivity in the north of the country.

Charitable contributions, be they small or large, from individuals or from the organization itself, can only do so much. However, all at Rumaila are proud to make a difference and contribute where possible.


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