The Data Services Team: driving Rumaila’s digital modernization
28th March 2022
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A new Data Services Team has been established to support Rumaila’s digital strategy.

The Data Services Team, part of Rumaila’s IT&C Software and Data Services, comprises Data Managers, Data Engineers, and Business Intelligence Developers. This team will work across all departments in Rumaila and make sure the organization’s data is usable, accessible, and protected. This will enable the organization to be more efficient and capable of consuming and analysing data, help ensure the data is available for all colleagues and maintain required security.

Data quality is a key component of a successful business and leads to better decision-making across an organization – the higher-quality data available, the more robust the decisions made. Significant progress has been made at Rumaila to make better use of data and information.

Initially, the team will have two main focuses. Firstly, to build a single, cohesive data platform that will become a fundamental part of Rumaila’s digital ‘ecosystem’, providing all departments with access to consistent and accurate information. Secondly, to nurture and empower a Data Community of data specialists across the Rumaila business, to help increase awareness of data tools and help distribute knowledge across all departments by training fellow colleagues.

Richard Andrews, Data Services Lead, commented: “The lack of quality data is the number one cause that obstructs optimal decision making and successful risk mitigation. Ensuring we have the infrastructure and expertise to enable us to use the right quality of data at the right time is critical to our future success of technological projects. In this way, the Data Services Team hopes its new strategy will place Rumaila in the best position to face the future, placing data at the heart of our operations.”

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