The Mobile Health Clinic – improving the lives of local people
1st May 2018
Supporting Communities

The Mobile Health Clinic established by Rumaila’s Social Welfare Fund has had a significant impact on improving the lives of residents at the North Rumaila, Al Sikak and Rumaila Villages.

The clinic travels around the region north of the oilfield, with staff that includes a doctor, nurse, doctor’s assistant, laboratory assistant, clerk and a driver. Equipped with modern health care tools and technology, the team quickly diagnose and treat patients close to their homes.

In conjunction with the Basra Directorate of Health, the clinic provides two new levels of preventative services that also comply to World Health Organization standards. The first entails vaccinations and inoculations for Hepatitis, Polio, Tetanus and Diphtheria for babies and children, as well as for people who previously had no access to these services. The second is early detection of asymptomatic diseases and illnesses, such as hypertension, diabetes, breast cancer, depression and anxiety.

The clinic also offers pre-natal screening for expectant mothers and antenatal care, which the clinic team consider to be a huge step forward for the communities.

The clinic’s manager, Riad Abdel Wahid Radi, says: “Prevention is better than cure, but at the mobile clinic a balance of both services is offered to the communities. Previously the residents have found it extremely difficult and, in some cases, impossible to access these health services without considerable discomfort, travel and expense. The clinic has helped to prevent serious illnesses and even deaths, thanks to diagnoses and subsequent treatment.”

ROO External Affairs Manager Hassan Al Mudhaffar adds: “It’s fantastic to know that the Rumaila Social Welfare Fund is saving lives in this way. Our thanks go to the staff of the clinic for their assistance in supporting the project.”


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