Completion of the installation and training on a CT Scanner for the Basra Al-Sadir Teaching Hospital

Basra Oil Company (BOC), through the operator of Rumaila oilfield, announces the completion of the installation and training on a computed tomography (CT) Scanner for the Basra Directorate of Health, Al-Sadir Teaching Hospital (Basra Centre for Radiation Therapy). The unit enhances the Centre’s capacity to diagnose conditions such as strokes, cancers, damage to bones, injuries to internal organs and problems with blood flow. The SIEMENS CT scanner is also a world-class diagnostic tool for detecting COVID-19 coronavirus cases.

The CT scanner is a medical imaging machine that uses X-rays and a computer to create detailed scans of inside the body from different angles, producing cross-sectional (tomographic) images. The unit will be used in tandem with the linear accelerator (LINAC) machine used for radiation treatments to provide cancer care for patients.

The installation of the unit was undertaken by Iraqi healthcare specialists, ALITKAN, official partner of SIEMENS Healthineers in Iraq; the selection of an Iraqi supplier will help ensure future availability of parts, ongoing maintenance, and the Centre staff training. As part of the project, the Basra Centre for Radiation Therapy Iraqi radiographers are being specially trained to operate the scanner.

The introduction of the unit, believed to be the most advanced CT scanner in Iraq, was made possible thanks to the Rumaila Social Welfare Fund (SWF), a fund established to address the most pressing needs of residents that live in and around the Rumaila oilfield. To date, tens of thousands of people have directly benefitted from SWF initiatives that focus on four key areas: healthcare, education, water projects, and critical infrastructure. The SWF is delivered by the Rumaila Operating Organization (ROO) which manages the oilfield – the largest of the Basra Oil Company’s fields and the second largest producing oilfield in the world.

Doctor Sina’a Sagir, the manager of the Basra Centre for Radiation Therapy said: “As well as playing an integral part in our treatment of cancer and stroke patients, this equipment is a vital tool in our battle to identify patients with COVID-19 and to tackle the pandemic.”

Deputy Rumaila General Manager, Mr Hussein Abdul-Khadim Hussein, added: “Rumaila is delighted to be able to assist the Basra Centre for Radiation Therapy and its patients from Basra and the southern region to receive world-class diagnostic treatment. This is a much-needed piece of equipment for the hospital and we hope it results in improving patient care and the lives of many Basrawis.”

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