New digital oilfield facility proves its worth

Recently opened Advanced Collaborative Environment facility allows real-time analysis of field production data
In accordance with BOC’s objectives, Rumaila’s programme of modernization continues to deliver benefits with the opening of an Advanced Collaborative Environment (ACE) at Rumaila headquarters, helping to optimize production in the first months since its completion.

As a further demonstration of Rumaila as a ‘digital oilfield’, the ACE features the latest technologies to visualize real-time information from across the field’s main operational facilities, helping teams work together to optimize production and identify and address issues immediately. It contains a fully collaborative visualization system with multiple large screens, an 84-inch multi-touch screen hub and a field-wide radio system, allowing immediate analysis of wells data, reservoir conditions and wider operational performance, 24 hours a day by Iraqi staff.

The ACE is part of a wider programme of modernization that has been underway for eight years and is designed to grow and sustain the oilfield. The transition to a digital oilfield is a key part of this. Where once Rumaila relied on paper records, the digital revolution has largely swept this away and extends to the field and all departments. This modern way ensures accurate, continuous and timely flow of information which secures proper data analysis essential for increasing production and reducing losses. Software applications and platforms have transformed the way Rumaila does business internally and with its external partners and suppliers. Real-time data is crucial to improving production efficiency and cutting-edge technologies have now been fitted in wells and degassing stations to provide this data to the teams. The digital oilfield is supported by an information technology infrastructure and a high-speed ‘microwave’ network that connects all facilities across an area of 1,600 square kilometres.

In terms of infrastructure and equipment, in the last year alone Rumaila witnessed a number of important developments, including: the installation of one of the most advanced production trains in Iraq; the delivery of 200-tonne dehydrator and desalter vessels and free water knock out units; and completion of construction of the field’s own electricity power plant. These complement earlier and ongoing upgrades to degassing stations, cluster pump stations and pipelines, all of which have helped to deliver production levels and quality at historic levels.

The modernization programme has also included the introduction of world-class processes and procedures. For example, with safety the top priority, ‘Control of Work’ operating systems and permits have been introduced for work processes to support the drive to provide safety standards comparable with other international oilfields. Over 100,000 permits have been issued in just two years as a result of this initiative.

ROO Joint Management Committee Chairman, Basim Taher Abed, said: “The introduction of new technologies and the adoption of new ways of working are critical components in delivering Rumaila’s long-term strategy for sustained and high oil production. The Rumaila Operating Organization has been introducing cutting edge technologies which led to a lower operating cost and then decreased cost per barrel.”

ROO General Manager, Hussein Abdul Khadim Hussein, said: “Our mission is to make Rumaila a truly world-class oilfield and this means providing our workforce with advanced modern equipment and technologies as well as the skills, capabilities and know-how so that they can do their job in accordance with international standards.”

ROO Deputy General Manager from BP, Julian O’Connell, added: “The modernization programme at Rumaila involves bringing the right technologies to the field to both enhance our people’s capability and drive our ability to deliver oil for Iraq. Witnessing the impact technologies have made in the way we work each day and dramatically raise production has been exciting for everybody working at Rumaila.”

The ROO unincorporated joint venture comprises BOC, BP, PetroChina and the State Oil Marketing Organisation (SOMO) and is responsible for maximizing oil production from Iraq’s biggest oilfield. Since its establishment, ROO has delivered over four billion barrels of oil for Iraq and increased its oil production almost 40% from 1.066 million barrels per day (bpd) in December 2009 to 1.477 million bpd (June 2018 YTD daily average).

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