Rumaila completes first step in 2,000km fibre optic journey
  • 2,000km optical fibre network will deliver higher speeds, greater reliability and security
  • 45km of core ring completed in Phase 1
  • Will enable artificial intelligence (AI) functionality and other digital applications as Rumaila builds for the future

Basra, Iraq, June 2022: The first stage in a major project to create state-of-the-art digital connectivity at Rumaila has been completed with the laying of the first 45km of a 2,000km fibre optic cabling network. The network will be the foundation for increased automation of the oilfield, enabling the rollout of the latest digital technologies to optimize daily business performance. This in turn will underpin sustained production in the years ahead and make Rumaila one of the most digitally advanced oilfields in the Middle East.

Fibre optic cabling will replace the existing microwave network and is one of the most ambitious information technology projects ever undertaken by the Rumaila Operating Organisation (ROO). It will comprise a 150km core ring connecting main hub stations from the south to the north of the field, from which extensions will reach all key facilities. The first 45km completed in Phase 1 forms the southern part of this ring; during 2022, this will be extended to reach all remaining degassing stations and cluster pump stations. Then, from 2023, other facilities such as wells and electrical submersible pumps will be connected. The 2,000km of fibre optic cabling required in total is the equivalent of running a cable from Basra to Istanbul.

The network will help transform the operation. It will enable deeper automation of many aspects of activity at Rumaila by providing increased bandwidth, faster data speeds, greater reliability and high levels of security. This will unlock the potential for new ways of working and add richer functionality for all facilities across the field. This includes: making a substantial difference to the real-time applications that monitor various systems, providing richer interpretation of data; facilitating staff in carrying out essential field activity remotely; simplifying secure data management by reducing the need for separate servers and network storage; and opening the door for the introduction of artificial intelligence tools and other business-critical applications.

ROO General Manager, Madhi Abdul-Razzaq Swadi, said: “This is a really exciting development and takes our recent history of investing in IT and communications infrastructure to a new level. Great credit goes to our people from across a number of teams who are working together to fully integrate all of these developments.”

ROO Deputy General Manager, Orkhan Guliyev, commented: “Rumaila will become one of the most digitally advanced fields in the Middle East region, thanks to this landmark project. It gives us a really strong foundation for future development and moreover, the foundations for future remote operations.”
Rumaila Special Deputy General Manager, Liu Zundou, added: “This will enhance integration and co-operation at Rumaila. It will improve speed of communication, as well as delivering stability and security, and should improve the daily working environment for our workforce.”


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