Rumaila Social Welfare Fund provides Zubair General Hospital with essential laparoscopy equipment
  • New laparoscopic instruments, the first of their kind to be introduced across Basra’s public hospitals, will support diagnosis and treatment of diseases including cancer.
  • Since 2014, the Rumaila Social Welfare Fund has been working to carry out projects to deliver local community support and meet priorities as set forth by the Ministry of Oil and Basra Oil Company (BOC).

ROO has continued its support to neighbouring communities through making arrangements for the provision of innovative laparoscopic equipment to Zubair General Hospital, using funding provided by the Rumaila Social Welfare Fund (SWF). The equipment was handed over on 18 March by BOC Director General, Bassem Abdul Karim, and ROO General Manager, Emad Hassan Lafta, and will be the first of its kind in use in Basra’s public hospitals. This marks an important enhancement to equipment at Zubair hospital, as an ECHO machine was provided with the support of the Rumaila SWF to the same hospital in 2014.

Installation of the equipment was completed by Iraqi healthcare specialists. Under these arrangements, the local supplier is responsible for ensuring the future availability of parts and carry out ongoing maintenance. Staff at Zubair General Hospital will also receive specialist training to operate the instruments.

The new equipment, which comprises a thin, flexible tube with a miniature high accuracy 4k imaging system to capture images, can carry out minimally invasive surgical procedures in the abdomen and will facilitate the quick diagnosis and treatment of disease. It will enhance surgical interventions by improving visibility for surgeons and enable the efficient diagnosis of conditions including appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory diseases and liver and ovarian cancer.

ROO General Manager, Emad Hassan Lafta, shared: “We recognize the role that Rumaila plays in the lives of people in the Basra governorate and remain committed to supporting those living closest to us. It is a great pleasure to be able to assist Zubair General Hospital and its patients with this equipment, which will enable the treatment and diagnosis of serious diseases. We hope the new laparoscopic tools will contribute to good outcomes for patients and make a difference in the lives of many Basrawis.”

The introduction of the laparoscopy equipment was made possible thanks to the Rumaila Social Welfare Fund and ROO’s commitment to supporting those living in areas bordering the Rumaila oilfield.

Doctor Layth Bahaa, Zubair General Hospital Manager, added: “This multi-use equipment is essential to carrying out laparoscopy procedures that enable clinicians to diagnose and, in some cases, treat conditions such as pelvic inflammatory diseases, appendicitis and abdominal cancers, as well as carry out vascular and oncology surgeries. The use of this latest technology will enhance patient safety, promote faster healing and reduce the length of hospital stays, supporting more efficient patient diagnosis and treatment.”

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